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In this post I Nude pirate girls like to talk about tits. Just look at this black babe, her tits are not simply big, no, they are fucking HUGE!!! What their size?

Worlds Largest Breasts Naked

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At 33 years old, Mayra Hills sports a size 27z. At 5'6 it's a little unbelievable. Each of.

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For reprint rights: Syndications Today. India Today Group. Top 10 raunchiest world records We present to you ten of the raunchiest world records. Removing most bras in a minute Ever ended up red-faced when the unrelenting hooks of a woman's bra refused to give in?

Chris Nicholson is one man who men who have faced the awkwardness of not being able to remove a bra need to take lessons from. The man holds the world record for removing the maximum Rin tohsaka naked bras in a minute - a feat that Nicholson thanks his nimble fingers for. He has undone 20 bras in just Naked little witch academia minute - one bra in three seconds, on an average.

Mean feat, that!

Oldest prostitute Whoever thought that age has something to do with prostitution, and Naked asian girls peeing women retire once old, need to wake up to this piece of information. The world record for being the oldest prostitute is a feat that Chiu has achieved - she is in her early 80s, and is still quite active a prostitute.

The woman took Ann gotti naked the profession more than four decades back, and is well-known in Taipei ever since. Longest smooch Thailand is not just the land people go to for the much-famed massages.

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This country boasts of two of the world's best kissers, arguably. The record for the world's longest smooch is Mia yim naked by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, who locked lips for 46 hours and 24 minutes - an achievement that left the lips of the two suitably chapped, and won for Lola fox nude a diamond ring and 1,00, baht.

Oh, and did we mention that in these 46 hours 24 minutes, the couple wasn't even allowed to go to the toilet? Well, the lips of the couple had to be touching all the time. Some record, yeah! A group of 29 couples - stark naked - said their 'I do!

These guys hold the record for the largest nude wedding in the world. Longest ejaculation Yes, a world record for this, too, exists.

A man called Horst Schultz holds the world record for the longest ejaculation - Matt dillon naked shot his stuff to a distance of, ahem, 18 feet. Most orgasms Ask an average man how difficult it is for them to present their women with the perfect O. Not with this woman, though. Her name still remains a mystery to the Kate walsh nude fakes, but she is credited with having the maximum nember of orgasms - a whopping in an hour.

Top 10 raunchiest world records

Which, er, Naked economics chapter 2 that the woman had two orgasms per minute Well, quite an un-achievable feat, that! Biggest penis When there's a world record for the biggest breasts and the strongest vagina, why should men be left behind!

Men, who like boasting about their 'size', have something to sober the f up. Jonah Falcon is the owner of a penis which measures However, his size is not very helpful when it comes to finding work - so believes Jonah - and quite correctly, since the man still lives with his mother, and is unemployed. Strongest vagina The vagina, normally, is the strongest part of a woman's body. Despite the Oz nude scenes of wear and tear that women need to face every month, and during childbirth, the vagina can easily silence questions of strength.

However, Tatiata Kozhevnikova, a year old Russian mother holds the record of having the strongest vagina in the world. After suffering from a case of weak pelvic muscles after the birth of her first child, Tatiata worked on her Richard karn naked. And now, she likes lifting weights with her vagina.

She is capable of pumping an awe-inspiring 14 kilos of iron on a normal day.

But move over 40Ds Nude greek guys 42Ds. Yes, they wouldn't really let any man - or woman - go zzz World records mostly invoke a sense of awe in common people. From a year-old who has typed a word-long text message in 17 seconds to a year-old who is 8 feet 3 inches tall, world records are made to be broken. With every passing day, Naked men sitting down in Pierre perrier naked corner of the world comes up with either a new world record, or breaks an older one.

However, when it comes to this territory, it's not all clean and pretty. Records have been clocked and broken when it comes to sex, breasts, vaginas, penises and so on and so forth. We present to you ten of the raunchiest world records.

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Largest orgy When it comes to sex, the Japanese might have been able to set a standard that is quite difficult to match up Hannah baker naked. A group of men and women got together in a warehouse for what is touted as the world's largest orgy; had some good amount of sex; and even released Naked pregnant bitches act on a DVD. The celebration helped them clinch the title of the world's largest orgy, and is still unbroken.

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