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Usage: I had just tickled her Vergina when she slapped my hand and told me not tonight.

Uma Kompton Naked

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My age: I am 29
Where am I from: I'm from Malaysia
What is my body type: My figure type is quite slender
I like to drink: Gin

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Uma Thurman. Someone who every kill bill nerd wants to see naked holding a bloody hanzo sword.

The name used for people with a phobiaobsession, or hatred for the name "Bill". The word used for anybody who gets beat down by their own associates only to come back a of years later to get revenge.

When Hot naked librarian to Bill a word used to state utter hatred. You don't wanna fuck with Ted because he'll pull a Uma Thurman on your ass. I'm gonna Uma Thurman the shit outa you Bill!

One of the few good female character actresses. Naked yoga erection Jolie in Tomb Raider isn't a good role because it forces the thought of big ass titties down girls brains.

She is a good actress. Simply put.

Term used to describe another person with extreme theatrical talent, but somewhat frightening feet. As good as she is, guy, admit it. That scene where you only see her bare feet was She can make herself cry on cue AND she wears a size fourteen!

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A rare species of oversized chihuahuas. The Uma Thurman yipped at passers-by from the safety of Paris Hilton's purse. A lap dancer with big hands.

She sure snatches up my money with those Uma Thurmans of hers, fo shizzle my Half naked babes black emporer. Uma Kompton. Let's add the name "Uma Kompton" on Urban dictionary?