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In the city upon a hill, in the midst of a Redwood forest, students from all over unite as one class of Banana Slugs.

Santa Cruz Naked Run

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It was 30 years ago, in the fall ofnot long after the devastating Loma Prieta Earthquake.

Then, Simon got daring, instructing participants to take their pants off—prompting the manager to kick all players Puff daddy naked of the dining hall. Finding that the strip tease provided for a nice stress relief, some students remarked that they wanted to do it all again someday. Overhearing their conversation, Hendrickson mentioned that some schools had naked runs following the first snowfall of every year.

And the next year, the tradition was on. Websites like ucscfirstrain.

And Ness suicide naked the years since that fateful fall game, scores of mostly naked—some scantily Naked baby games students have come together in the Porter College quad to celebrate the first major rain event of the school year and go running. The annual event came to be known as First Rain, or simply the Naked Run.

At some point over the last decade, student organizers drafted First Rain rules to prevent false starts and second guessing about the right weather conditions for the event.

The official rules dictate that it can only occur on a school night, Naked slime girls it has to be raining nonstop from pm. The run begins at the Porter Quad at 10pm.

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It can end in one Plus sized naked women two places. But when he saw the long line of naked bodies start to streak through Cowell College, he stepped out of his dorm room, naked, to the festivities.

But he says that running with more than 1, classmates eventually helped him feel comfortable in his own skin, and Miss texas nude peace in his new home in Santa Cruz. Anyone can do this. The experience also motivated him to hit the gym.

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Ernst says that before organizers passed their official rules, overly excited students Eden ben zaken naked jumped the gun, sprinting through campus naked at the sight of the first afternoon drizzle.

That still happens sometimes. Naked runs and streaking have been part of American college life for decades.

Students at UC Berkeley take nude laps through the stacks of Doe and Moffitt libraries each semester during the week leading Dnika romero nude to final exams. Veterans of the race have a few pointers.

Psychology major Anastasia Baboulevitch remembers her freshman year First Rain fondly. It started with commotion and screaming in the Porter Quad. These are my friends!

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Before she came to UCSC, Baboulevitch Woman skydiving nude to herself that she would spend her time as a Banana Slug experimenting and trying new things. First Rain seemed like the ultimate experiment.

Baring it all was an incredible high. The ultimate adrenaline rush. Music was blasting.

There was supposedly an orgy in the showers. This is an author search.

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