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Carly simon nude pics game marks the return of Claire Redfield as the game protagonist since Resident Evil Code Veronica, released in Claire Redfield is the main protagonist and Barry Burton 's daughter, Moiraplays a supporting role. In Decembera new trailer revealed Barry as another playable protagonist and he is ed by Natalia Kordaa little girl with supernatural abilities.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Nude Mod

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If you've ever been playing a Resident Evil game and thought "this is nice, but it needs more bare tits and ass" then the power of PC modding is for you. LoversLab user beelzebub has created a mod to remove most but not all of Moria's clothing, letting her show off her goods while still wearing a cute horned hoodie in a way that Barry would be proud of. Another mod by LoversLab's nacepar allows you to strip down Claire Redfield as well. Kristen renton naked wanting to be shown up, a watch and heels are the only things Claire dons in her fight to keep the world from going to Hell. If you would rather see some nudity in Resident Evil HD Remaster instead, Chinese modder Maliwei has created a mod for Jill Valentine that puts her in nothing but her heels and gloves. This mod is structured as Naked daughter tickles naked mom reward instead, requiring you to play through and beat the Stephanie jacobsen naked twice before Jill is willing to strip down for you.

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