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Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter Etory Start date Apr 23, action adventure exhibitionism female protagonist rj Etory Demon Girl.

ed Mar 17, Messages Reputation score Here is a guide. If you'd like to use this patch as a base, download the WolfTrans version so you can make modifications as you wish. Mega Link Wolftrans. Last edited: Jun 4, Among other things, it features exciting new adventures in an arcade with Rin's friend Emi. Changelog from 1.

Download the text file to get your pic of the regular patch for playing or the Wolf Trans patch for working Naked plus game. You know where to find me. Patch Links. Last edited: Sep 1, Fukukaze Demon Girl. ed Mar 26, Messages 62 Reputation score We could certainly use more translators like you in this community. Also, don't worry Nude teen strippers your backlog, we're both sorta similar like that, only that I need to pick up more than one project at a time so as to bring variety into my work.

Otherwise I'd end up dropping something after getting bored with it after a while and move on to something else. But aside Agent scully nude that, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Consider me a fan! Last edited: Apr 24, Jeff gordon naked Oh my, Etory, you certainly are on a roll lately! ConaxConax Jungle Girl. ed Aug 21, Messages 21 Reputation score 1.

Thanks, I appreciate that! Like you, I can see the attraction to more variety. But I've let it get pretty bad Haven't made much time for checking Alicia tyler naked other people's releases either. By the way, I reserved a post under the OP because I have a small surprise coming up - yet another contribution to the Lizzie green naked Order series.

Before getting anyone's hopes too high, it is another partial. Still, should be a pleasant surprise once I get everything 'round for release.

Lastly, if anyone has any questions, suggestions, or Naked ladies with tattoos any issues with this patch already caught a typo or twofeel free to post or drop me a PM. I wonder what the surprise will be! I've done some translation work on this myself but I don't know how or Naked latinos tumblr you'd want it, it's probably not that advanced but it's in a text file that's KB or 85k chars, too big to post either way.

Oy vey. So I ported the translation to the newest version, did some proofediting, even tl'ed some images. I couldn't spare any tl time after that, though, but I'll release the patch and my progress along with it for everyone's enjoyment. Maybe you Naked freckled redheads be the one to pick it up, ConaxConax!


One can only hope! Last edited: Aug 30, Don't know if I'm Michelle obama naked pics in the wrong places or if it's simply private. I'm also having some trouble editing Wolf files at all unfortunately, but if I can topple Alex steele nude hurdle then I can start to dig in.!

Shiryuu Demon Girl Pro. ed Jun 3, Messages Reputation score ed Dec 2, Messages 3 Reputation score 0. I cant get it to work for some reason, I downloaded the Data and Picture Folder and dragged it into the Folder to replace it with the old ones.

I tried to do the wolf guide Thing, but couldnt get anything out of it. Tyrrandae Demon Girl Pro. ed Feb 22, Messages Reputation Hill harper naked And its hard to do a mini game when you have no idea whats going on. Not sure then, if you unpacked the data. Check to makes sure nothing is write protected and all the happy jazz.

I tried it again and this time it seems to work. Thank you both for the quick help. GhostFaceLoser Jungle Girl. ed Feb 17, Messages 10 Reputation score 4. ed Naked colin firth 1, Messages 1 Reputation score 0.

Naked plus / ver:

Hi Etory. I'm very new to this, so can you show me how to use the wolftrans? I access the webinstall the ruby but don't know how to use it. The Naked amatur women there was very unclear. Thank you very much. GhostFaceLoser said:. ed Jul 5, Messages 11 Reputation score 5. Etory said:. Where did you find the updated version in Japanese?

(game) nakedā˜†plus

After searching around, I can only Brandon flowers nude either the pre-patched 1. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Wutermelon Nov 29, Replies 7 Views 14K.