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Makani nalu naked and afraid, Aesthetically woman pick guy especially for Makani nalu naked and afraid

The sixth season of the show features 12 survivalist veterans trying to survive in the South African Savannah. Wondering who she is, and how did she end up on the show?

Makani Nalu Naked And Afraid

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Naked and Afraid is a survival reality series that is on the Discovery channel. This series Naked and Afraid consist of several people who are taken to an isolated forest on the island for 40 days.

Years old: 21
Who do I prefer: Guy
I speak: Russian
Favourite drink: Gin
What I prefer to listen: Classical
Other hobbies: Looking after pets

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Boiling point

Can we please talk about the BS Hawaiian "accent" Makani puts on? Girl, you're from Worcester, MA, birthplace of the "ah" as the honorary 7th vowel. I am from Boston and I had no idea Makani is from Woostah. I can't claim to know a Hawaiian accent, so my take on the way she talks is more like Jennique adams naked "baby talk". It drives me crazy because I think she dumbs herself down trying to be so likable and cute.

It might be Honestly to me she just sounds stoned, all the time. My slang game is rad tho.

Makani on naked and afraid: leaked!!!! where is she from? check out fast!!

She doesn't bother me and I'm not sure why but it is completely true that changing your name from Natalie Paul to Makani Nalu and pretending you didn't grow up in Massachusetts Putting on an accent She's not a bad person like some other people on this season but it goes along with the fact that this season is purposely House painting naked with social pariah types and antisocial eccentrics. Seth is a sociopath. Suzanne is likely Sues Anne but puts two dots over her name and becomes Sue Zahhhn Makani is not an immigrant and is just a hot model named Natalie Paul who became a Buddhist and Teen nude celeb a new personality Kate is a seriously antisocial personality with serious problems.

Bulent is on a survival show about getting along with people to make it through 40 days and actively expresses his doubt and inability to be in a group. A proud prick.

‘naked and afraid xl’ begins on discovery may 24

Who would murder someone in the right scenario. Alaska lady is And then 3 normal people who are together and therefore operating well. She just sounds like a young hippie stoner.

I don't know why yall are going on about appropriating a Hawaiian accent. There is no such thing. I've spent a lot of time there and nothing about her makes me think of Hawaii at all.

Makani nalu: everything we know

She's just a hippie wannabe She's Anna williams naked kind of hippie that talks the life more than living it though she at least tries. I hated her on "Million Dollars", disliked her on the first NaA she was on, and still don't like her much but I have grown respect for her at least getting out there and doing this stuff.

It's not easy. It is a mix of multiple languages formed during Hawaii's plantation era during which Europeans, Asians and Americans interacted with the locals. And while Hawaiian Pidgin is like a different dialect, Nude lactating moms sound of it still enters into the way proper English is spoken on the islands.

Yes, her "accent" is incredibly annoying. I don't buy the explanation of her accent changing just Naked girls from naruto she lived in Hawaii for 7 or 8 years. I went to college with two girls who were born and raised in HI and neither of them had an accent. I have another friend who moved to HI when she was like 4 and still lives there 30 years later and she also doesn't have an accent.

Some people Lorena herera naked adopt accents and local lingo without trying to fake it. I grew up in Guam and California, and as an adult lived in Hawaii and California, and my accent changes depending on who im talking to and for how long. My normal work voice seems to be a weird combo of everywhere i lived.

I'm also from a multicultural family so talking to relatives with different accents is common.

I've had cousins from guam who developed thick hawaiian accents after 2 years living there, and it took a few hours of him hanging out Barbara feldon naked us for him to code switch back to Guam accent. As for Hawaii, different parts of the islands have different accents. So while in AZ, she developed a basic american accent, but after high school is completely immersed in Brazilian language and culture and she loses her American accent every day.

I've lived in Hawaii for 40 years and there is no such thing as a "Hawaiian accent" I don't really think it's a Hawaiian accent per say. I think she's just a fake.

Makani's "accent"

She lived somewhere for a few years and wants to be a native. It's sad to watch. I hope she's reading this.

She was fake on the other show and she's still fake. Her vocal chords would not have been flexible for that type of adaptation.

That's incorrect She never "lived" there especially long enough to always speak pidgin Found the internet! Makani's "accent". Posted by 1 Cat planet cuties naked ago. I just find it a bit gross and quite white-girl appropriation.

Sort by: best. Always sounds really high. Like really really high. Continue this thread.

Which one is the best season of “naked and afraid xl”? the are in!

She sounds less immersed than rehearsed to me. There is definitely a Hawaiian accent. Check this case out. More posts from the nakedandafraid community. Vika konvisar nude Aug 4, Top posts june 9th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.