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My age: 26
Ethnic: I'm from Denmark
Gender: Woman
Hair color: Ash-blond
Languages: English
I like: My hobbies shopping

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I found this interview fascinating, Kai is so brave to be jumping into making webseries like this. Her writers' room sounds like a fantastic place for an aspiring screenwriter. Post a Comment. Saturday, 12 May Interview with Kai Soremekun. CHICK follows Lisa, a woman disillusioned with her life, who finds Naked and afraid babes way into a secret academy where people train to become superheroes.

This simple idea quickly developed from one short film into a multi-platform interactive webseries. I ran into Kai on Twitter last year.

She proved to be energetic, Coco ice t wife naked, creative and courageous. I was born in HamiltonCanada. I grew up in TorontoCanada. He hustled to come over to North America and studied to become a physician. My mom is from England. She came over to Canada on a whim. A friend told her Canada was in desperate need of nurses. She was going over and asked my Mom to go with her, so she did. My parents worked at the same hospital in Hamilton and met playing Naked rez girls. They moved to Toronto when I was a few months old.

Thank you.

Most of my childhood years were spent in a suburb of Toronto called Thornhill. My mom quit working when I was born, so I was lucky to have a stay-at-home mom throughout my childhood. I am thankful Naked halo elite that 'til this day. Throughout most of my school years I leaned towards maths and science. I would get drawn to Boston naked yoga artistic disciplines occasionally, a graphic de class here, an acting class there, but I never felt comfortable in those classes.

Basically I felt inadequate and like a loser. I think it had a lot to do with coming from a more academic-focused household. So my senior year in high school I told my parents I was going to take a year off after I graduated, to figure out what I really wanted to do.

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It didn't make sense to me to head off to university and spend a chunk of my parents' money on studies I may never end up using. My parents were not thrilled. They worried that I would never go back to school and just start drifting, but I guess, at that point, you're done being able to force your kids to Jessica hayes naked what you want, so they begrudgingly accepted my decision.

I had a part-time job working a concession stand at a performing arts center where the ballet and other shows performed. The idea Nude jewish babes auditioning scared me to death but I knew it was something I wanted to do. I went to that audition with very Sexy nude video game girls knowledge of what it meant to be a performer.

I had to sing a song.

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Ha ha. But despite my horrific performance I received an acceptance letter a few weeks later. My father wanted me to go the traditional university route, and said dancing was something to call a hobby, Kira sedgwick naked a career.

I am forever grateful for her bravery in telling me that. It probably wasn't easy to say since it meant her daughter was headed into a life that was going to be crazy unpredictable And to give my dad credit, even though Patty heaton naked wasn't thrilled with the idea, he supported me and paid for my tuition to the academy.

So off I headed to NYC. I fell in love the minute I arrived. It was one of those feelings where you know you are where you're meant to be. Nothing beats that.

AMDA is a two year program and encompasses voice and speech, dancing, acting, and musical theater. It was rough for me in the beginning. So many of the kids in school had been performing since they were Jill jones nude and here was me with very little training jumping into the craziness. I felt like I was constantly trying to play catch up. The school does not allow you to audition while you're a student.

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But after a year I knew the real test was going to be out in the real world and not in some classroom, so I broke the rules and started auditioning for stuff. I remember going to my first audition and my stomach literally trying to leave my body.

It was absolutely horrific. But I made it through. I figured if it didn't literally kill Laura kinney naked, I was going to keep trying Kai soremekun nude I got Women accidentally naked at this auditioning thing.

What did that movie do for you personally Alyssa funke naked professionally? So let's start with the audition. For those who haven't seen the movie, I have a forty-five second scene [ actually, 1 min 15 sec. So for this quick scene I had to audition four times! I admit playing a hooker was not my idea of the dream role, and being young and naive I just got irritated at the amount of time I was having to put in to get this tiny role.

What's funny is, I think my attitude around the audition process is what got me the role. Misty gates naked just didn't Andre the giant naked that much, which is a much better way to go into an audition then desperately needing a gig. Once I booked the role it became immediately apparent to me just how big a deal this was, even though my role was minimal.

It Marta krupa naked a lot of doors for me. I got called in for a lot more roles simply because of my connection to this very hyped movie. It was such a big deal that Al Honduran women nude and Robert De Niro were going have their first scene together in a movie. Al Pacino and Robert De Niroin the movie Heat I remember going to the read-through of the script and thinking, What the hell did I do to deserve this?

I can't believe they're paying me! I'd do this for free! As if it was yesterday, I remember where everyone was sitting. Jon Voight next to me on my right.

Ashley Judd sat across from me. Val Kilmer next to her. Robert De Niro next to him. It was so fascinating to Channing tatum naked gif how they all worked.

Michael Mannthe director, was recording the read-through, and kept asking Val and Robert to speak up. Whereas Al would stand up and get crazy theatrical when his scenes came up. I remember being so nervous for my little scene, and then when I said my lines, Robert De Niro laughed.

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If you see the movie and hear what I say, you'll understand why he chuckled. The walls in the rehearsal room were covered with pictures, location ideas that Michael Mann had for the film. He actually sent me out one night with an organization that tries to get prostitutes off the street, as research for my character.

He was majorly into detail and I Naked men vine watching him work.

Newest scenes

Many say he can be a challenge to work with, but my experience with him was nothing but awesome. Working with those caliber of artists has impacted everything I do moving forward. How did that come about? You know what's funny about this cameo appearance is that I had nothing to do Kai soremekun nude it. My image appears in a magazine, I believe, and it just so happens that I did a stock photo shoot a few years ago for which the photographer has permission to those images to anyone who wants them.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say my picture has 80s women nude up somewhere based on the pics I took during Naked spa tumblr photo shoot. Well actually, I've only been in one fitness video.

I was the co-lead instructor of one of The Firm exercise video series. It was simply a matter of auditioning and getting the part. They had me in training for a good six months before we actually shot. There's is nothing greater than getting paid to get in shape. I hated it.