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Kelly Wallace is CNN's digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls.

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CNN Love and hip hop women naked you think "my teen would never sext," you might be mistaken. Mom and Dad, take a deep breath. Your teen may already be sexting.

And if you think the only teens who sext are the ones engaging in high-risk behaviors, like drinking, using drugs or skipping school, keep reading. Two recent studies suggest that sexting is more common than many parents might realize or want to admit. More than half the undergraduate students who took part in an anonymous online survey said they sexted when they were teenagers, according to Nude tennis video study by Drexel University, which was published in June by the Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics in October, found that teens who sexted were not more likely to have multiple sexual Missy rothstein naked, use drugs or alcohol before sex or not use birth control. Sexting may be the new "normal' when it comes to adolescent sexual behavior, the study concluded.

It's engaged in by many kids who are functioning well and not having problems and it's not very unusual or rare. Diana Graber, who teaches "cybercivics" to middle schoolers in Aliso Viejo, California, was blown away by the response she got recently from eighth graders Debbie does dallas naked she, for the first time, included a session on sexting.

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When she asked her students if they knew what a sext was, everyone in the class said they did, but what they didn't know was what the penalties for sending a sext could be, including how it could be prosecuted as a felony under child pornography Lovely naked couples in some states. Graber said she experienced another first that day. A few students wanted People having sex fully naked hang around after the class, which is held at the end of the school day, to talk more about sexting and related things.

She now plans to make it Rachel hayward nude of her "cybercivics" curriculum, and believes parents and educators need to be talking to kids at even younger ages about sexting. It should be part of sex education, she said.

Englander, the psychology professor and researcher, says in her experience, it's not that adults aren't warning teens about the criminal consequences for underage sexting or how devastating it could be to a teen if their nude photo became public. The problem, she says, is kids don't hear the warnings because the reality doesn't fit them. In a Women playing tennis naked online articleshe used an example of telling someone to use a seat belt because half the car rides in the country result in someone going through the windshield.

Since half of car rides don't result in someone going through the windshield, a person might not listen to Stacy poole naked warning, she says.

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It's not that I'm saying we shouldn't teach kids that child pornography is a crime. It Rikku nude cosplay a crime, but if we emphasize that that's the big danger then we've lost our audience. READ: Schools stepping up efforts to monitor social media. Englander said what she is most troubled by is not how widespread sexting might be but how Naked korean ladies feel after they sext, especially if they felt pressured to do it.

Lori Cunningham, founder of Well Connected Mom, a site specializing in simplifying technology for families, said parents need to remind their children about their own self-worth. Cunningham also says parents need to be actively involved in their children's online lives.

In a new eBook, she outlines the points parents should go over Steve nicks nude their child when they get a phone, including setting up a contract so they understand their phone will be monitored. They should only be given to kids with the expectation that mom or dad will be checking it on a daily basis.

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What all the experts believe is that parents Naked milf standing educators should be talking to kids about obeying the law, protecting their privacy and reputation, and respecting everyone's right to keep their bodies private, but also their own values about the issue.

Those are the only two choices," said Englander. What do you think is the best way to talk to teens about sexting?