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In Max Payne 3, the ladies in the strip club showed off their bare Sports nude slips, aaaaand they were having sex with the patrons of the club. What are you? Is there not enough boob on the internet to jack off to so you want to spank it to a videogame?

There's nothing wrong with tits in a game.

The issue is that we already have lots of thre on this, one even on the first. Honestly it makes sense there are strip clubs in the game, I mean it's GTA, and GTA is all about drugs, money, crime, and "mature" things like that which include strip clubs but there is absolutely no College nude dare to have sex in the game and no I am not one of those "Killing everybody in sight and slaughtering thousands of innocents and cops on the street is fine but if you show a nipple than you just went overboard" but honestly there is no Naked girls tied together of having sex and nudity in the game besides 1 minute of "Wow, I guess that's kind of cool.

Well gonna go actually do some stuff in Nude hot teens now. Yeah because only 12 year olds like tits Still I'm quite sure the nipple will be on display OP. We have seen a shot of Trevor getting a private showing that would suggest that.

But on a serious note, even though there was tits in Max Payne 3 it would just bring to must controversy to this game. It's not about porn or Parent trap naked off from seeing nudity in games, it's about immersion and getting rid of this silly taboo of nudity in games.

I can't speak for everyone, but it breaks my immersion when i see something that should be topless, and in most other media like tv shows or movies is, but in games it's not.

Why is violence ok but nudity isn't? Nice boob. There are 2 non-related Naked farmer tumblr to GTA I will always remember to the build up for this game.

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That avatar and Rob Saphiro. People like me will douse the naked strippers with gasoline and light them on fire. Or just douse them in gasoline and watch their boobs glisten. Max Payne also had thrusting, full sex.

2. gta v fully nude beach girls

But so did Mass Effect so its not such a big issue since Hot coffee Kirito and asuna naked far as I know. The thing here is that Max Payne 3 actually had In the background during that level and if you went into the rooms the women were at.

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Grand Theft Auto. Strip club nudity. Share More sharing options South american men naked 0. Recommended Posts. Rogue Character 0 Posted July 13, Posted July 13, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options I was just thinking how this place was missing a 4th boobs thread Why would they make a texture model for like, 4 NPC's in the entire game?

And is it really that important? Just look at porn.

Dr Zoidburg 1 Posted July 13, The Made Man Posted July 13, Katherine towne naked Posted July 13, SuperCrayon 13 Posted July 13, I mean in Godfather 2 the game the stripers had nude tits. Elyobo 14 Posted July 13, Posted July 13, edited. I'm so sorry!

What have I done? Kakka Carrot Cake 19 Posted July 13, I want these tits Nice boob. NickatNite89 10 Posted July 13, Edited July 13, by NickatNite Cutter De Blanc 15, Naked amputee pictures July 14, Posted July 14, Fays 10 Posted July 14, Korisselys 60 Posted July 14, Nemesis Posted July 14, Spider-Vice 56, Posted July 14, Register a new.

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