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Partner Organisations

Coventry University, UK

Coventry University will be responsible for managing the project and providing subject knowledge and evaluation.  It is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education. Dr Erica Bowen, lead scientist on the project, is a member of the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Coventry University. The department brings together multidisciplinary expertise in psychology, criminology and forensic and investigative studies to provide a clear theoretical basis to the CAVA project.

The University's Serious Games Institute is the first of its kind in the UK and an international centre of excellence for serious games.  It will work together with Limburg Catholic University College, in Belgium, to develop the serious game which is the core of the CAVA project.






Hogskolan Vest (University West), Sweden

University West offers a variety of course in a wide range of areas.  It works closely with businesses to offer the highest quality of work integrated learning which enables students to gain work experience while studying.  The University has a strong research department, with extensive work having been on done children and young people.  University West will lead on the training aspect of the project and will organise the international teacher training conference in Sweden. 





Limburg Catholic University College, Belgium

 Limburg Catholic University College provides education to young people as well as vocational training for adults.  It has a large research department, which has done a lot of work on gaming and its pedagogical and didactical aspects.  Limburg Catholic University College has been active in a number of European projects under the Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci schemes.  It will be responsible for the technical review and will assist in the development of the game.





Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany

One of the largest universities in Germany, this institute has a large research department which has a specialised mission for the "Development and Evaluation of Advanced Multimedia Open Learning Systems".  The research focuses on user-centred technology enhanced learning environment for specific target groups in terms of their learning, organisational, social, and emotional needs.  FAU will serve as the lead on the Baseline Review workstream, and will also be responsible for producing the learning materials.




West Midlands European Centre


West Midlands European Centre (WMEC) brings together partner organisations to engage in evolving EU policy and legislation which will impact on the region and to participate in EU funding opportunities to support regional priorities.  These partner organisations fund the organisation.  WMEC will assist with the Brussels/European dissemination aspects of the project.   Furthermore, it will use its considerable links in Brussels within the EU Institutions and with NGOs and other educational stakeholders, as well as direct links across the EU 27 and LLP eligible countries to disseminate news and information about the project.