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CAVA partners meet in Erlangen

Dr Erica Bowen and Emma Holdsworth have been very busy over the last few weeks writing the actual game narrative and the five lessons that will comprise the intervention. They have met with the game developers and discussed the look and feel of the game, as well as general aspects of functionality.

At the meeting in Erlangen (27-28 September 2011), Dr Bowen and Ms Holdsworth we were able to discuss these aspects with partners and receive feedback on how they perceive the initial characters that had been illustrated. After a very useful and productive meeting, there is much work remaining, including finishing the intervention scripting, enhancing some of the game-based functions of the planned product, and developing some aspects of the game characters. 
Dr Bowen and Ms Holdsworth are also continuing to write up two academic papers that reflect the literature review and the qualitative study, using adolescent focus groups conducted from the first phase of the project. Both of these pieces of work will contribute new knowledge to an area that has been under-researched across Europe. An abstract based on the qualitative study will also be submitted to the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference (18-20 April 2012) and if accepted, an oral paper will be presented outlining the study and publicising the work we are doing.
KHLim has finished workstream two, the result of this workstream is a technical and pedagogical review. The pedagogical review focuses on Gamification, which means using game mechanics (elements that makes a game a game) to create an interactive environment. The technical review starts with Gagné’s nine events of instruction and focuses on usability and accessibility. For workstream 3, KHLim will advise the SGI to develop the CAVA game.