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12 August 2011 International Youth Day marred by UK youth rioting in England

CAVA partners were alarmed by the riots by young people in England over the August summer break. 

Rising levels of dating violence amongst adolescents is a worrying concern for all Member States and awareness campaigns and other tools need to be used to expose this phenomenon, according to Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute. The Institute is leading the development of a new online game that adolescents will be encouraged to use.

Two studies illustrate the problem well:
  • The International Dating Violence Study in 2004 reported that, across six European universities (located in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal), between 17  and 33% of female students, and between  17 and 37% of male students (mean age 21 years), had used violence against a dating partner in the previous 12 months [1]
  • A 2009 British survey of 1,377 young people aged between 13 and 16 years revealed that 25% of girls reported receiving and instigating violence in dating relationships, in contrast to 18 and 8% of boys respectively [2]

“Domestic Violence is the number one human rights violation and we can see this starting amongst dating adolescents”, says Dr. Erica Bowen at Coventry University. Dr Bowen has conducted research in the area of domestic violence for the past ten years, and has specific expertise in researching the impact of domestic violence on child development.

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[2](Barber, et al., 2009).